What Medication Are The Most Effective For The Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Today many men know what kind of disease erectile dysfunction is. The reasons for its occurrence are numerous. But in the modern world, there are enough medications to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Medication for treatment can be either artificially synthesized or natural.

Today in pharmacies there are enough effective drugs against erectile dysfunction. One of them is Cialis.

Use Cialis To improve The Quality of Sexual Life

Cialis is an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction treatment, which helps to stabilize blood circulation in the penis. If a man does not feel attraction for his sexual partner the drug should not get any results. Anyone who decided to try its force should know that this medication is used only once a day.

In addition, generic Cialis should be used for an hour before sexual intercourse. Duration of its effect is from 16 to 36 hours. This medicine is available in tablets. The main ingredient promotes better blood flow directly to the penis.

Visit the doctor before taking the drug. This helps you to prevent undesirable effects. Currently, Cialis is the only phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, makes the ability to have an erection for 36 hours. Like all other drugs of this chemical group (such as Viagra, Levitra) Cialis is contraindicated for concomitant use with nitrates.

Cialis Will Not Bring Harm For You If…

You need to know about contraindications for this drug before you start taking Cialis:

– if you are permanently or periodically take drugs for the treatment of angina pectoris, which contain nitrates (its influence enhance the hypotensive effect of nitrates), if you do not know what medication you are taking, you should consult a doctor to avoid serious consequences;
– Cialis is contraindicated if you have an allergy reaction to the components of the drug (skin rashes, itching, swelling of the face, lips, shortness of breath).

Apply Cialis with caution if you:

– have an anatomical deformity of the penis;
– there are diseases that are accompanied by bleeding;
– if you have a gastric and duodenal ulcer;
– long-term smoking;
– if six months ago or earlier you had a heart attack or stroke;
– with severe arrhythmia;
– to refrain from taking this medication, if you have blood pressure greater than 170/100 mm Hg. Art. or less than 90/50 mm Hg. Art.


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