1. How Cialis generic looks like?
Generic Cialis is available in the form of oval tablets, coated in yellow. Each pill has special engraving. There is inscribed the number of milligrams of active substance that is contained in a single tablet of medication. Generic Cialis usually looks like original one.

2. How to take Cialis: regularly or periodically?
Take one tablet that contains 10mg of Tadalafil not more than once per day for at least 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. In rare cases, the daily dosage may be increased up to 20 mg (requires consultation of the doctor). The patient can use 5 mg Tadalafil regularly or 10-20 mg of Cialis periodically (for example, once in two days).

3. How long should I take the drug: whether there is some course?
Cialis can be taken in two options:
when it is needed, so before sexual intercourse;
regularly for a long treatment of erectile dysfunction, but not more than during two months.

A special course of Cialis admission is not required. A person can take medication when he needs it.

4. What is generic Cialis and how it differs from the original?
Generic Cialis is 100% copy of the original drug from Ely Lilly company. Generic and original medications have identical composition and efficiency. But there is some difference between them:

the generic version has lower cost;
the manufacturer of all generic drugs is India in 90% ( the original drug for erectile dysfunction treatment is created in the USA now).

5. Why is original Cialis so expensive?
Buying original Cialis in pharmacy, you not only buy the well-known brand, you pay for high quality. US Cialis passes many test and inspection levels. This does not occur with the generic drug (it is easier to make fake). Therefore, the original drug costs more. Also, it is needed to take into account the cost of advertising. The advertising price is included in the total cost of the drug that is produced by Ely Lilly company.

6. Can I take only the half of Cialis 20 mg pill?
Yes, for many patients, this dosage (10 mg) is sufficient, therefore, the first appointment of the drug is recommended to start with half a tablet. Some patients even feel the drugs action even after 5mg Cialis pill. But if you want to get an immediate effect and have never used Cialis before, it is better to drink full pill with 20mg of Tadalafil.

7. Will Cialis help me to prolong the sexual intercourse?
The drug was produced for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to enhance the potency in men of all ages. This medication causes a normal erection (and not more than men opportunities). To prolong sexual intercourse is recommended to use the other drug called Dapoxetine.

8. Can coffee decrease the potency?
Coffee is a great psychostimulant. This strong drink can influence on many different sides. For example, coffee increases heart rate and arterial blood pressure. Also, it has an influence on the men potency. A large amount of this drink (more than 5 cups a day) can lead to the increasing of male potency and sexual ability.

9. Can I take Cialis after heart surgery?
The usage of Cialis after cardiac surgery is not contraindicated. The peculiarity is in that: after some cardiac surgery (prosthetics, suturing of open heart wounds, the installation of the pacemaker) men have contraindications for the sexual activity. Because during sex, the heart can not handle the load. In itself, the usage of Cialis in a dose of 5-10 mg to increase testosterone levels, or for the treatment of prostatitis is permissible.