Tadalafil Generic For Your Erection And Sex: Is It Worth To Save Money?

generic cialis There are two groups of drugs on the up-to-date pharmaceutical market. They are original and generic. The first group is too much expensive, and the other group is in many times cheaper. For example Tadalafil generic (Cialis) is in 10 times cheaper than the original one that is manufactured by Ely Lilly company.

Many patients don’t know about the existence of generic drugs and don`t know the difference between them. So this issue requires more extensive coverage. Let’s find out what medication is better: generic Cialis or original.

5 Reasons Why Do You Need Cialis

Cialis is the popular drug that is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and for enhancing of the potency. The action of Cialis is based on the increasing of blood flow to the penis, and thus Cialis (even generic Cialis) has a longer duration of action than Viagra and Levitra.

There are five reasons why do you need Cialis and why it can be Tadalafil generic:

1. Cialis has mild action and it is the first and exclusive medication with the long period of action. So this drug can be prescribed not only for immediate action but also for long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. In addition, the level of side effect is lower than in Levitra and Viagra. Patients can use Cialis Soft (contains Tadalafil generic) for getting milder and more safety effect.

2. A man with problems in the sexual sphere cannot live the full life. Such kind of disorders leads to a reduction of the libido, decreasing the quality of life, to the constant stresses and unwillingness to get enjoy the life. Sex is good for men of all ages. Even at 60 years age men can have a regular sexual life. But for this purpose, they need Cialis or some other kind of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5).

3. Cialis consumption is more economical. Cialis (Tadalafil generic) has a lower price than Viagra and Viagra generic. In connection with the fact that Cialis may be used in a quarter of pill or in a half of a tablet once a day, one package is enough for longer than Viagra or Levitra period.

4. This drug decreases blood pressure. If you have the high level of blood pressure Cialis is able to help you. Primarily this medication was investigated like a tool for the treatment of arterial hypertension and other heart diseases. But do not mix Cialis (neither generic Tadalafil nor original one) with nitrates. Also, this medication should not be used in a dose of generic Tadalafil 20mg while you take alpha-blockers.

5. If man wants generic Cialis Tadalafil best buys he should order this medication from Indian pharmaceutical company. It will be cheaper than to buy original medication from the USA.

Difference Between Original And Different Types of Generic Cialis

generic tadalafil 20mgGeneric (generic drug) is sold under the international non-proprietary name or under the brand name, different from the brand name of the drug developer. But this medication often has the same active substance like an original drug.

The original drug is an exclusive drug that was developed in the pharmaceutical company which first opened it. This company has the patent protection for many years (usually for 20) and is able to synthesize it. During this period, the drug can be produced only by this company. The original drug is often unique in its kind. Another is Cialis generic (Tadalafil).

Tadalafil generic has the same action like an original drug. But there are in the price of generic variant only the cost of raw materials and manufacturing. But there is no advertising costs and cost for checking the drug. It makes generic Cialis Tadalafil best buys for many people in the country.

Where To Buy Over The Counter Medication?

Tadalafil generic can be bought in all online pharmacies. It is sold with Viagra generic and Levitra. Man can buy Cialis (generic Tadalafil 20mg) over the counter without a prescription.

If you want to buy Tadalafil generic you have to notice these facts:

– this is not the original drug and it can have some differences in its action;
– the manufacturer of the generic drug is not responsible for the effectiveness and safety of medicines;
– the quality of the generic medication can be significantly lower than the original drug;
– generic is easier to forge (and instead Tadalafil generic man can order placebo).

Generic Cialis From India; Is It Worth To Save Money

generic cialis tadalafilIn the most cases, Tadalafil generic is sold by Indian companies. Manufacturer in India doesn’t need to pass multi-level verification, as it does in the United States of America.

Due to the fact that Tadalafil generic drug does not pass multilevel checks of its quality and do not take part in the clinical trials, its price is considerably lower. And so, the quality of the preparation may be dubious. So if you take the original drug, and then switched to a generic the same you can feel that the effect of the drug on you become weaker.

There are other generic medications that can be used for erectile dysfunction treatment:

Super P-force;
Super Cialis;
Cialis Soft;
Viagra Soft;
female Viagra.

Whether You Can Dispense With Cialis?

If you want to dispense with Cialis you can try natural medications. But in the most of cases, these herbal drugs will not get you any successful result.

So there is one of the methods how to do without Cialis. A recent study by American scientists showed that pomegranate juice can act on the male potency not worse than Cialis and Viagra.It is believed that pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants. And these substances can enhance the blood flow to the penis.

Just like drugs for impotence, they increase the level of nitric oxide, which expanse blood vessels. Dr. Christopher Forrest of the University of California says that pomegranate juice has great potential in the treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.Pomegranates have already been recognised as superfruits for their ability to reduce the risk of heart diseases and prostate cancer. According to scientists, this fruit contains more antioxidants than other fruits, tea and even red wine.